Why some boys like shy cute girls

Yes, lots of guys or boys like shy girls. And another important thing is that it does not mean that another type of girl is a bad or bad character.

It is just a choice and attraction. Some boys like shy girls and some boys like open girls. 

Both are the same but shy girls take little time to open. 

Some shy girls look classy from the outside which attracts lots of boys.

Shyness is a God gift for girls and it is the best jewelry for girls.

some facts about shy girls:

1. Their eyes say lots of things.

2. Boy finds that shy girl’s voices are attractive because they are not talkative.

3. Some girls speak with themselves when a stranger talk or see them. This thing or this kind of reaction is really cute.

4. Some girls project what they want.

5. Shy girls are quite intelligent compare to others.

6. Overthink is a problem for a shy girl.

But the important thing is that shyness is sometimes good and sometimes bad. If you are highly shy, try to reduce and control it because it could be a problem in your future career or public speaking.

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