whatsapp status quotes about girls or women

In this article, you going to know about a girl or a woman and how they think, and different psychological and emotional facts that boys don’t know but girls or women will agree.


  1. Girls like those guys who have a good sense of humor.
  2. Girls or Women like to talk or chat about anything.
  3. Girls hate guys or boys who do gossip.
  4. Girls or women like small children babies. you can see that most of the girls take selfies with babies or small kids.
  5. Girls hate those guys who physically hurt them or who are violet.
  6. Some girls have a mood that changes suddenly.
  7. Girls love those guys who are neat and presentable and have good organizing capability.
  8. Girls like guys who are smart.
  9. Girls are emotionally stronger when any problem arises.
  10. Girls are week physically but strong mentally or emotionally.
  11. Some girls like to gossip. Gossip is one of the favorite things of girls.
  12. Girls like it when boys flirt with them. They like to be flattered all the time.
  13. Girls like it when they kissed on the head especially the forehead at the right time. this can make a girl ON.
  14. Do not be too serious in front of girls. this can make a girl OFF.
  15. Suppose you don’t like a girl but the girls like you then you need to break it up gently to her.
  16. Girls think about their cruses all the time but they don’t show this.
  17. Girls can control their emotions better than boys.
  18. Suppose a girl cooks something for you then it means that you mean a lot to her.
  19. Girls always love to share their feelings.
  20.  Most of the girls born afraid of bugs or worms. 
  21.  Alcohol can be dangerous for Women. The resistance capacity of women from alcohol is low compares to men. It also reduces brain size.
  22. Research shows that an average woman eats 2 pounds(lbs) of lipstick in their lifetime.
  23. Women can read better facial expressions than men. For this reason, some women have good conversation capability and also makes them good social leaders.

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