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 Sometimes people fall in love with some in Dangerous situations:

You may see lots of movies that people fall in love with someone when they are in danger which is right. People fall in love basically in two-state if the people in excitement or in fear. If you fall in love for fun then your love story going to end soon.

Some people become angry easily over simple things:

 They need to be loved. Psychology says that if a person angry over simple and small things or you can say silly things, subconsciously desire to be loved. you may see this in your friend circle that one of your single friends become angry easily.

Sleeping with someone that you love help reduce stress:

Sleeping next to someone that you love not only reduces stress, depression but also helps you sleep fast and will help you to live longer.

The best way to impress someone is to try not to impress someone:

Try to be genuine. Do whatever you like for yourself, not for others who don’t care about you.

Bad relationship changes people:

Bad relationships change good people. good people try their full effort to keep their relationship good if they fail sometimes they lose their attitude, behavior, nature. He/She becomes irritated over small things.

A good relationship:

you can say a good relationship with someone when he or she knows all your insecurities, imperfections, but still loves you for who you are.

Difference between like, love, and in love:

The difference between love, like, and in love is the same as for now, for a while, for forever.

More sexually attractive, difficult to lie:

If you find someone who is sexually attractive is more difficult to lie with them.

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