Top penguin facts

Hello everyone how are you all? Hope you all are great. In this article, you going to know about all the interesting facts about the bird penguins that will give better knowledge about penguins.

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Most Amazing facts about penguin:

1. Penguin eyes work well at underwater batter then in the air.

2. Penguin is a bird that cant fly.

3. Other birds have wings that help them to fly in the sky the but penguin has flipper which looks like wings but not wings. This flipper helps them to swim underwater.

4. Flipper also helps them to communicate with other penguins.

5. In some countries, for example in the USA eating penguins is illegal.

6. Like a dance group or music band group has a name, Interesting facts is that penguin group also have. A penguin group in the water is called ‘raft’ and a penguin group in the ground is called ‘waddle’.

7. Penguins can control their blood flow. when there is extreme freeze cold, they restrict the blood flow to their cold feet and make their body warm.

8. Penguins found mainly in cold places. But interesting facts is that in the north pole, no penguins live there.

9. Another interesting fact about penguins is that they can drink saltwater. They have a filter gland called the supraorbital gland which filters salt from their bloodstream.

10. Emperor penguin is the tallest type of penguin and their average height is about 4 feet.

11. The little blue penguin is the smallest type of penguin and their average height is about 16 inches.

12. penguin slides or ‘toboggan’ using their tummies over the ice and snow.

13. The unique coloring of the Penguin is called countershading. This thing helps them to blend into the sea.

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14. penguins have no teeth at all.

15. penguins spend the half time of the day on the land and half time on the water.

16. most of the penguins found mainly in Australia, chile, south Africa.

17. Emperor penguin can stay underwater near about 20 to 25 minutes.

18. Most of the penguins lived in the southern part of the earth ( southern hemisphere ).

19. There are 17 to 20 types of penguin species that lived in the earth.

20. another interesting fact, The penguin name comes from the Latin word Pinguinus.

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