OIWA a story of ghost Story and Facts Yotsoya Kaidan

Hello, boys and girls How are you, I hope you doing well. In this article, you going to know about a horror story and facts about Yotsoya Kaidan also know as Oiwa. 

In this story, you going to know about an innocent wife who gets betrayed by her husband and died.

In Japan, there was a beautiful wife called Yotsoya Kaidan (Oiwa). 

Oiwa was married to Iemon who was a samurai. But this marriage is not so happy.

Because lemon was a wasteful person and also a thief. He snatches money from peoples.

For this reason, OIWA decided to divorce Iemon and wants to return to his family.

One day Oiwa going to her family, Iemon following her but her father stopped him. Oiwa’s father also a samurai. Iemon grabs his sword and killed Oiwa’s father.

But Iemon go to Oiwa and lied to her. He told her that her father was killed by a stranger.

Oiwa feels so sad after hearing this news because her father supported her too much. 

Now Iemon begged her to come with him and he promised Oiwa that he going to revenge her father’s death.

Oiwa agrees to his proposal and leaves with Iemon which is later proved to be a wrong decision.

Time passed but Iemon did not change. 

Oiwa gave birth to their first child, a son. As a result, Mita is always sick and weak.

They had very little money and Iemon started neglecting Oiwa and started abusing Oiwa.

So Oiwa needs medicine. A doctor named Ito Kihei was lived near their house.

He had a granddaughter named Oume who was very beautiful.

Oume falls in love with Iemon and wanted to marry her.

The doctor loved her granddaughter too much and wanted her to marry Iemon.

He prescribed medicine for Oiwa for her sickness, but actually, the medicine was a poison and its effects Oiwa’s face and disfigured it.

Iemon started hating Oiwa because of her disgusting face.

Kihei suggested Iemon divorce Oiwa and marry Oume. Kihei also said if he married Oume then all the wealth of Ito family would belong to Iemon.

Oiwa was ugly and has a disguised face and Oume was beautiful, young, and attractive that why he agreed with Kihei’s suggestions.

Iemon could not divorce Oiwa directly. So Iemon makes a plan to defame Oiwa. 

He told his friend Takuetsu to rape her. One night Takuetsu go to Oiwa to rape her but when he saw her disguised face, he was frightened and he told her all the plans of Iemon.

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