Kuchisake Onna story and facts

Kuchisake Onna is also known as slit mouthed woman who is an urban Japanese legendary woman. She also is known as an evil spirit or a malicious evil woman sprit or Onryo in Japanese.

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Looks of Kuchisake Onna:

Her height is like average women’s height. She covers her face with a surgical mask. 

Some story says she covers her face with a small Japanese hand fan.

 She always carries with her a sharp weapon like a scissor, knife, etc. 

Without the mask, she has a slit in her mouth from one ear to another which is really scary and disgusting.

Origin of Kuchisake Onna:

there was no perfect story of her origin. there are lots of stories of her origin. here I am going to discuss two about them.

Story 1:

In the back between the 17th to 19th centuries, There was a beautiful woman called Kuchisake Onna.

She is so beautiful that lots of men want to marry her.

But one of the samurai got the chance and marry her.

She is so beautiful that lots of men flirting with her and she also enjoying this. But her husband doesn’t know about this.

But one day, her husband knows the truth that she cheating with him and she has a relationship with other men.

After knowing the truth, The samurai husband got angry. With anger, he takes her samurai sword and slit her mouth from one ear to another ear and killed her and say “now you are no more beautiful”

After her death, she comes back as a spirit and starts harming people.

Story 2: 

Another story is that Kuchisake is so much beautiful. One of a girl who is jealous of Kuchisake Onna’s beauty.

One Day Kuchisake goes to a medical or dental checkup.

In that checkup, Kuchisake got slit her mouth from one ear to another by that jealous women and filled Kuchisake’s mouth with sharp teeth and make ugly. After this incident, she becomes death and after her death, she comes as an Onryo.

Now the horror stories and facts:

After coming back as an Onryo, She started harming people in unique ways.

This harming and killing incident started in 1979.

When any person is alone, she comes to that person and asks them some questions.

She Asks that is “Am I beautiful?”

If anyone answers her question as No, She killed that person by a sharp weapon which she carries And killed that person.

If anyone answers her question a Yes. Then she removes her mask and asks “How about now?”

If the person says no, then she cut the person half or killed the person.

If the person says Yes then, She going to slit the of the person so that it appears like her,

Suppose if anyone screamed after watching her slit mouth and run away, She does not do anything and the person a chance to run away.

When the person goes the home and sleeps, Kuchisake goes to that person’s home and kills that person in the sleep.

How to survive from Kuchisake Onna:

There also some stories there that how people survive from Kuchisake Onna.

They use some trick answer to survive from Kuchisake Onna.

They answer the first question as yes and second question answer as Average. This way they trick the Kuchisake Onna.

Some people survive by giving some money to Kuchisake’s way or giving hard chocolate.

Some people survive by saying this “I have no time to answer your question sorry”.


This is an interesting story. hope you like it. There are lots of films about Kuchisake Onna. You can watch it. And about this, there is no real story or evidence that proves Kuchisake’s existence. So take it as a funny normal story.

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