Kiyotaki Tunnel Horror story and facts

There are lots of haunted places there in japan. And from them, there is a tunnel called the Kiyotaki tunnel.

It is known as one of the haunted tunnels in japan and also in the world.

Kiyotaki tunnel geography and location:

This tunnel situated in japan outside Kyoto.

This is a single lane tunnel that connects north Arashiyami and the town Sagakiyotaki.

This is 444 meters long road.

In the past, this road was a part of a railway. now this road is used as a road system.

This road also called bad luck road. because this road is 444 meters long. In Japanese, the word 4 is similar pronounced as death.

This road is a single lane road. For this reason, the traffic light is situated both on the side of the tunnel.

It is also reported that when cars passing through the tunnel the traffic light turns from red to green. for that reason, lots of accident takes place in that tunnel.

Kiyotaki tunnel history facts:

This tunnel was built in 1927 by lots of slaves.

Now, slaves are those who do work but not paid.

During the construction of the building, lots of slaves are dead due to bad working conditions, hunger, different accidents, etc.
The maximum death that occurred in the Kiyotaki tunnel was not natural.

So people say that the poor people who died in Kiyotaki tunnel, their soul now roaming in the tunnel.

There story that people committed suicide in that place. Check 
suicide forest of Japan.

there is another story that, an ancient warrior who died in a battle, cursed the land. For that reason, the Kiyotaki tunnel turns into a haunted place.

For those things, the tunnel becomes one of the haunted tunnels on the earth.

Some haunted story of Kiyotaki tunnel:

There are lots of haunted stories about the Kiyotaki tunnel.

Some people say when they pass from this tunnel, they see some kind of ghost things inside there car and when they pass through the tunnel, this thing gone vanished.
Some also say that when they entered the tunnel, they heard some kind of voices, screams, etc.

Some who entered the tunnel, fell some kind of headache, nausea, etc. It may occur due to low pressure and less air inside the tunnel.

Maximum haunting activity occurs at the night. Local area people do not use this tunnel until necessary.

There is also a story that when people go in their car, a white-dressed lady ghost asking for a lift.

The most haunted story about this that, if you go in this tunnel does not look at a mirror. Whatever it is your car mirror or outside of your car means roadside mirror.

If you see a mirror then you can see yourself as a dead person and after someday, you can die. 

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