Interesting fun facts that after reading you will say ha ha WOW

Funny, Interesting and Amazing facts That Going To make you think:

Our world is amazing. It is consists of lots of things like lots of interesting things that make it a little bit unique.

but not only Interesting It also contains lots of funny things and facts also.

You going to know this one by one in this article. And you can tell this to your friends and blow their mind.

Hippopotamus’s unique milk facts:

hippopotamus is one of the dangerous animals in the world. It looks like also ugly. 

People want to stay away and safe from this animal. But do you know that the color of hippopotamus milk is pink?

 yes, strange right.

Leeches have lots of brains facts:

leech is a worm or you can say one kind of parasite. leeches are especially known for sucking blood.

 So, what you think, for sucking blood, how many brains needed. Actually, leeches have 32 brains.

Gold’s other use:

We know that gold is basically used for jewelry.

 But do you know that gold can be used for eating? lots of expensive foods and also inexpensive chocolate, gold is used but pure gold. 

We can also eat silver also but in a little amount. Amazing facts right.

Mushroom facts in the past:

In our earth billion age ago, when there was a little number of trees, only mushrooms can be found. 

But these mushrooms are not ordinary normal mushrooms. Actually, these mushrooms were so giant and big. 

The average height of these mushrooms can be 24 ft. Interesting facts right.

Highest selling phone fact:

If I asked you a question that what is the most selling phone in the world?

 You may answer like iPhone or Samsung. But do you know that most selling phone in the world the Nokia 1100?

 yes, 250 million copies were sold after when it’s launch and makes a history. This is an amazing fact right.

Global warming facts:

Now in present Global warming is a big issue for us. 

If it continues like this then in the year 2050 cities like Mumbai and Kolkata will go undersea.

Longest youtube video:

We watch different types of videos on youtube like movie comedy, music, etc.

 But do you know the longest vide on youtube and its length and title? 

The longest video on youtube is about 596:31:21 and the title is ” longest video on youtube – 596.5hours”.

 If you start watching this video full day then it takes 25 days to watch it fully.

Lady gaga’s ghost machine:

We all know about lady gaga. But do you know hat she has a scare of the ghost? 

She is horribly afraid of ghosts. So for these, in 2010 she bought  50K $ gadget to detect ghosts.

 but this is facts or publicity stunts no one knows.

World most expensive wind:

Do you know what is the most expensive wine in the world?

 The most expensive wine in the world is Billionaire Vodka with a price of 3.75 Million dollars. 

It is the vodka that covered with diamonds.

Google name was a mistake:

Do you know that the name of google came as a mistake?

 Actually, google’s creator wants to give this name as googol.

 But for spelling mistake googol turn to google which is what we know today.

The richest man in history:

Do you know the richest person in history?

 Mansa Musa or Musa I, he died in 1331.

 when he died, he had a property of more than 4 billion dollars.

A bucket is a reason for war:

In 1325 a war happened and the reason for this war was a bucket, wired right. 

And do you know that for this war, more than 200 people were dead? This war was held between bologna and modena.

 In modena’s town hall you can see the bucket. This war was an unvalued war in history. Interesting facts and wired facts right.

Harpy Eagle:

The harpy eagle is one of the x-largest in the world.

 Its size is more than human or near about humans. Amazing facts right.

Tajmahal Revenue Every year:

There are interesting facts about Tajmahal.

 Tajmahal is one of the tourist destinations in India. But do you know how much this tourist spot generates revenue?

 It generates 25 Cr rupees every year.

Spider silk can cover the whole world:

Everybody knows about spider silk. 

Now, this an interesting fact.
If you take 500gm of spider silk and stretch it then it will cover the full earth. amazing right.

Most recognizable smells:

Do you know what is the most recognizable smell in the world?

 In a pool, it was found that coffee is the most recognizable smell in the world. Interesting facts right.

Witch’s Butter:

It is a type of fungus and its look like jelly and it is living organism but it looks like someone throw the butter in the ground and it is one of the most unique organism. 

This the first photograph in the world: 

The above picture is the first photograph in the world and its taken by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in between.

 In present, we take a pic in a matter of second but for taken this old picture it takes 8 hours to take this. 

This is a rooftop picture of a building.

The world’s longest piano:

the world’s x-largest piano made by a 15-year old which was built in New Zealand. 

The size of the piano is approximately 2 meters.

Pluto name suggested by an 11-year-old girl:

Venetia Burney is a girl from the united kingdom who was credited by Clyde Tombaugh(who discovered the pluto) for suggesting the name pluto the first time in 1930.

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