Facts about selfie with images or pictures

1. More people died on selfies than shark attacks.

2. Psychologist says that taking too much selfie can become a dangerous selfie addiction. It can also dangerous addiction for those who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Selfie addiction is a dangerous addiction and can be an issue of a high suicide rate.

3. Selfie pose can say lots of about your personality. For example, conscientious people try to hide their location when they took a selfie, It shows that they are very protective about their privacy. 

4. An agreeable person always took a selfie with a direct look into the camera.

5. Emotionally unstable person took selfies incidentally with a duck-face pose.

6. In different analysis says that women take more selfies than men. In Bangkok, women take 55% of all selfies, in New York 61%, and in Moscow, women take 82% of all selfies.

7. In 2013 the word selfie won the Oxford English dictionary’s Word of the year.

8. In 1893, Robert Cornelius an amateur photographer who rendered the first selfie in the world.

9. A selfie was arranged by Ellen Degeneres at the 86 academy Award show in 2014 was the most retweeted selfie in the world.

10. Kylie Jenner is the celebrity who holds the most selfies on Instagram (450 selfies).

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