Facts about forest

Forest is a very very important part of our earth as well as our life. Lots of animals dependent on the forest. In this article, You going to know different forest facts and the importance of forest. 

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Knowledgeable interesting Facts about the forest:

  1. In worldwide 300 Million people living in the forest and near about 1.5 billion people depends on the forest and lives near the forest.
  2. Forest covered 30% of land on our earth.
  3. the first forest on earth evolved on 389 million years ago.
  4. Forest accounts for 75% of the gross primary production of the earth’s biosphere.
  5. If you are in stress, anxiety, tension, then if you take a walk in the forest then you can fell chill and refreshing.
  6. Earth’s 20% oxygen comes from the Amazon forest.
  7. Latvia’s 50% of land covered with forest.
  8. there is a festival in India called van Mahotsava which is celebrated in the first week of July.
  9. There is a movement called the Chipko movement which is a forest conservation movement in India.

  10. Redwood is the tallest tree on earth.
  11. The forest can prevent the flood.
  12. Most of the animal depends on the forest. around 70% of the animal.
  13. Forest helps to stabilize the climate.

  14. Forest absorbs lots of water and releases it on the air and cooling the surrounding.
  15. One of the major reasons for global warming is deforestation.
  16. Forest cleans dust, smoke, pollution from the air.

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