Facts about boys or men that girls don’t know

In this article, you going to know about interesting and amazing facts about boys or men or guys and their thinking means how they think psychologically, emotionally.

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psychological Boys facts:

  1. man or boy fell uncomfortable or insecure when their girlfriend flirts with another man or guy.
  2. Read – Facts about Girls that boy don’t know

  3. When a boyfriend feel amazing if their girlfriend clings him in front of another boy or guys who are more attractive.
  4. Boys want to share feeling but, they don’t want to cover themselves with extra questions. If you see that a boy shares its feelings to you then don’t ask him questions.
  5. Read – Facts about Girls that boy don’t know

  6. Guys or boys want to or love to hear compliments from girls or their crush they like.
  7. Most of boys or guys never asking for help until they realize that they can’t do this by themselves.
  8. Boys are attracted to girls at first if the girls are cute and coy.
  9. Lots of boys are serious about their commitment. for that reason, they think seriously about jumping into a new relationship.
  10. Boys try to be extremely competitive. for these reasons, they suffer performance anxiety if they accept defeat.
  11. If a boy’s emotional and also psychological need isn’t fulfilled by their girlfriend for a long time, then this boy tries to find another one or fall into another girl’s arms.
  12. Boys like to pretend they are busy because they try to do difficult conversations and do the chores.
    1. you should not tell a boy that he is not good at somethings, they struggle with this type of comment. if it is related to a work that a boy wants to good at.

        Read – Facts about Girls that boy don’t know

    2. Most boys think they are powerful and strong. they hate to go to the doctor because they think that it is like being defeated.
    3. A lot of boys struggle if a girl says a thing but its meaning is another. It is better to straight forward and not to be confusing.
    4. Most man’s role model is their father. You notice them that they try to mimic their father.
    5. Boys are very emotional. Heartbreaks affect boys more than a girl.
    6. Suppose you want to find whether your boyfriend is cheating or not. for these, you go to his friend to ask if he’s cheating. These no point to do this because most of the boys will lie for their friend.
    7. Boys love to help girls because they feel helping girls makes them a hero.
    8. A guy wants to try to be truly romantic if they notice that a girl playing hard to get.
    9. A guy wants to hear about their girlfriend’s ex so that they avoid doing bad things that their ex did.
    10. If a guy stops his crying in front of you then it means there must be something wrong.
    11. A lot of men will stop disliking anyone if you mention himself as a good guy or a nice guy in front of them.
    12. Some man very serious about relationships. Some relationship is ended by getting possessive with the need to always look after to their partners.
    13. Some man tries to find women with a similar bone structure of their mothers to be more attractive.
    14. Suppose you ask him something and he doesn’t give any response and you going to nagging him but will work because not work always.
    15.  To notice them, a guy will do anything
    16.  A guy who really likes you want to be the only guy that you talk to.
    17. You need to show your boyfriend love after some time so that they can understand you still loved him.
    18. A guy will jealous easily. Sometimes it won’t make any sense.
    19. A lot of boys are way more emotional they let on.
    20. If you indicate to him that he is doing something wrong, and you decide not to talk with him about it, then he’ll obsess over it and come up with even worse conclusions.
    21. If a boy teasing in front of you means it is a sign that he likes you.
    22.  When a boy tells about his problem, then it means he needs someone to listen to his problem and you need to listen to his problem and you don’t need to give advice to him.
    23. Guys overthink too much. suppose a girl does a tiny thing and she doesn’t know about this, he may think about it for hours trying to figure out anything meaning.
    24. Guys think that girls give better advice than a boy or guys.
    25. If a guy says that he is crazy about a girl means it’s really is. Guys say this type of thing rarely.
    26.  Man hates being manipulated into doing things.
    27.  maximum of guys go and flirt around all day with lots of girls. But the last person or girl they think before going to sleeping is the one which they care most.

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