Different eye color and their facts most attractive hot cute eye color

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It actually depends on the person. But the study says that people find blue eye is the most attractive color.

In this article, you going to know about
Different eye color facts and some attractive, hot cute person with different eye colors.

Different eye colors are:
  1. Brown
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Amber
  5. Hazel

Brown Eye color facts:

  1. This is the most common eye color in the world. According to the world atlas, 79% of the world’s population has brown eye color.
  2. In the brown color eye, there is a most pigment called melanin compared to other color’s eye. For that reason, people with brown color eyes get more protection from the sun and different eye diseases.

  3. Most of the brown-eyed people found in Asia, Africa continents.
  4. Brown-eyed parents can have blue-eyed babies.

  5. Some brown-eyed peoples in the world born with different eye colors.
  6. Brown eye people may suffer from anxiety and depression. They are very sensitive emotionally.
  7. Brown eye people can keep secrets.[read: interesting facts about boy]

Blue Eye color facts:

  1. The blue color eye is rare. About 8-9% of the world’s population have blue color eye.
  2. Most of the blue eye color people found near in northern Europe near the baltic sea.
  3. The color of the eye depends on how much melanin present in the eye. Blue color eyes have less melanin. Actually, the blue eye gets the color the same way the blue color of the sky. All the color of light gets absorbed only the blue color gets reflected so we see the color blue.[read: facts about girls]

  4. The Blue-eye is more sensitive because of the less amount present of melanin. Melanin helps to protect from the sun’s UV and other dangerous rays like ‘BLUE’ rays.
  5. Some people born with blue eyes but when age grows its turns brown.
  6. Blue eyes are at risk for alcohol. So if you have blue eyes then you need to serious about this.

Green eyes facts:

  1. Only 2-3 % of the world population has green eyes.
  2. It is really rare, for that reason it attracts more people.
  3. People with green eyes have good leadership qualities.

  4. All the babies born with Brown eyes or blue eyes. It takes 6 to 3 years to appear green eye.
  5. Green eyes people are at risk for certain cancer like intraocular melanoma.

Amber eye:

  1. Amber is a very unique eye in the world. only a few people in the world have the amber eye.
  2. Ambers eye looks like a cat’s eye color like a fire burning in the eyes.
  3. The amount of melanin in amber eyes is less than the amount in brown eyes.
  4. Amber eye people are at risk of UV rays and some kind of cancer like intraocular melanoma.

Hazel eye:

  1. Hazel’s eye color is consists of two shades of the color green and brown or sometimes blue, green, brown.
  2. It is a really rare eye color.
  3. Amber eye people are at risk of UV rays and some kind of cancer like intraocular melanoma

Can you get this eye color:

Yes, you can do this different eye color if you like it. You can get it easily by using contact lenses.[read: facts about left-handed people]

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