Black apple facts

Is black apple exist?

We know that apple is red or green but do you know there also black apple exists.  Yes, black apple exists. 

Also called black diamond apple and this is found mainly in Tibet. 

This apple is the family From Hua Niu and also known as Chinese red delicious.

What is the Test of black apple?

Black apple has a crispy texture like a normal apple. And it has a sweet taste and a beautiful scent.

Why this is black in color?

Actually, the color of the apple is dar purple hue which nearly looks like black. 

 The reason This is black because this apple grows at high altitude areas so this apple color is black

Can we plant a black apple tree in our house or garden?

It is really tuff but not impossible. Because black apple grows in the hilly area and cool temparature.

 If you create an environment that is suitable for gardening black then you can do it.

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