Banana and eggs keep your body in shape is this a fact or mythology

Banna and egg are some of the healthiest food in the world. If you doing the gym then these two food is essential for the body. If you not doing the gym but if you eat this regularly then you will stay healthy.


In this article, you going to know some of the most healthy facts about bananas and eggs and all the myths about these two foods.

Facts about banana:

1. banana consists of lots of Vitamin minerals like Vitamin A, C, Potassium, fiber, etc which is good for muscle building.

2. banana can help with weight loss.

3. banana can help to prevent diabetes, cancer.


Facts about Eggs:


1. Eggs contain lots of protein, good cholesterol, Vitamins.

2. It helps to reduce lots of diseases.

3.  For healthy height, Egg is one of the essential things.

4. Eggs helps to keep our heart healthy.

Now the myth:

Lots of news article says that eating a banana egg together is dangerous. it is a totally wrong myth. These two food are essential food that every human needs. Eating banana and egg will not kill you or damage you but excessive eating can cause you problems.

Benefit and healthy factor of egg and banana:

Now if you eat bananas and eggs regularly, it will help you to stay fit, healthy, with great immunity, good hair, and nails. and lots of things.

If you are Doing Gym and you want to muscle building fast then banana and egg will be your great diet for Male and females. So try to add this healthy food to your diet.

Now warning of eating Egg and Banana:

Now, if you eat bananas and eggs excessively it will be harmful full for you. If you think that eating too much egg and banana will give you a healthy body in one day then you are wrong.

banana has sugar which may cause tooth decay or tooth problem. It sometimes causes headaches if you eat an excessive banana.

So try to eat a limited amount daily.

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