Aokigahara Forest Facts

Aokigahara The suicide Forest Facts:

Aokigahara is one of the beautiful forests on the planet earth, situated in Japan’s northeastern flank of Mount Fuji. 

It is also known as the ‘sea of trees’. In English Akoigahara means ‘not enough’. 

This forest covers 30 square kilometers( 13.5 square miles) of the area. 

This is a popular destination for traveling and school trips.  

This place is considered as Japan’s darkest paranormal activity center for its suicidal and scary stories and the most popular suicide destination in the world.

This place is very popular for suicide. Every year almost 50 to 100 people commit suicide in the branches of the trees of the forest.

 Most of the people who commit suicide are the teenage lover and the people who debarred from jobs.

 At the end of the month march the rate of suicide is being increased as it is considered to be the end of the fiscal year in Japan.

Now let’s see some facts:

Fact 1. No compass works here:

This forest situated in the base of mount fuji. So its soils made of lots of material like magnesium, iron, etc. 

For this reason, different magnetic devices do not work properly like a compass, GPS tracker, etc. 

So for that reason, people lost in the jungle if they go deep inside the forest.

Fact 2. You can found lots of colors tape here:

If you someday go to japan and you decide to visit the Aokigahara forest and want to camp here, you can find lots of color tape between trees. 

What is this? So the Aokigahara forest is covered with lots of trees. if you move your head from left to right, you can find only trees. 

That’s why forests also called ‘seas of forests’. And another thing is that the soil is also magnetic.

 For these reasons, compasses do not work properly here. 

And cell phones also not work here. Maybe the reason is for deep trees which blocks cell phone network. 

So hikers when they go inside the forest they use this color tape so that they not lost.

Fact 3 Suicide cases:

Aokigahara forest is mainly known for its suicide cases. 

Every year people especially the depressed, stressed people go there and suicide themself. Cases every year found is between 50-100. 

For these reasons, the suicide petrol team created so that they can prevent suicide in the forest.

 if they found any single people inside the forest, inside a tent, they talk to them and say not to do that.

Fact 4. Lots of tents inside Aokigahara forest:

If you go there, you can see tents inside the forest. The maximum of the tent belongs to the suicide victims and some tents belong to normal hikers, the explorer who forgets to take with them. 

So why these victims take a tent with them? So they take a tent with them because, they not sure what to do, which means they not decided yet. When they decided, they left the tent.

Fact 5. Other abandon things:

Not only tents you can find bottles, bags, rope and lots of other people left there. 

Even people left their cars. People come with cars and left their cars in front of the main gate of the jungle and left for months. 

Inside the forest, there are lots of things like suicide note, dols taboo thing that people left there.

Fact 6. Haunted facts of Aokigahara forest:

Another interesting and haunting fact about the Aokigahara forest is that it is full of ghosts, paranormal activity, etc. 

There some stories there if someone enters the forest, the posses by the spirit, and never came from the forest.

 Some say if ane go there the spirit of die people take with them to hell. But till now there is now prove of spirit. 

But the forest is consists of lots of negative energy. 

I want to say that negative energy is not meant to ghosts. 

Maybe the negative energy because of the soil of the forest.


Every forest has a story maybe some forest has a dark story. 

Aokigahara is one of them. But if you someday travel japan, please visit the Aokigahara forest. 

You can see the beauties of the forest and the mount fuji. 

People all over the world visit here and take with them a good story, memory, experience, and lots of good stuff.

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