All The facts about Dinosaur

Hello folks how are you all? Hope you all great, healthy, and amazing. In this article, you going to know about interesting and gigantic facts about dinosaurs. Their behavior, habits, and lots of interesting things. 

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All the facts about Dinosaur:

1. Dinosaur is a type of reptile.

2. They have lived on the earth near about 233 million years ago.

3. There are 700 species of dinosaur which are extinct.

4. The first dinosaur fossils found in 1824 and the name was Megalosaurus.

5. Anyone who studies dinosaurs is known as a paleontologist.

6. The scientific name of Dinosaur is Dinosauria

7. Argentinosaurus was the longest dinosaur in the world which was nearly 40 meters long.

8. the smallest dinosaur in the was Oculudentavis.

9. Fossil records show that in the Jurassic period, the birds evolved from a dinosaur.

10.  The dinosaur extinction starts near 66 million years ago.

11. The dinosaur was lived in every country in the world.

12. Dinosaur extinction is a mystery. We also know that dinosaur gets extinct due to meteor impact. But some expert believes that it may occur due to diseases, climate change, different natural events example earthquake, etc.

13. The plesiosaur is marine reptiles who were lived on the water. 

14. Some carnivorous dinosaurs were smart, speedy, and kickboxer. Example: Velociraptor.

15. Avian dinosaur is a type of dinosaurs why can fly like bords. Non-avian dinosaur is all the dinosaur except birds.

16. most scientists said that dinosaur was sluggish and cold-blooded.

17. Most of the dinosaurs are vegetarian.

18. All different types of dinosaurs laid eggs. There are 40 different types of dinosaur’s eggs (fossils) are discovered.

19. Ornithomimus was the fastest dinosaurs in the world. And it could run at a speed of 70 km/h.

20. Suzhousaurus was one of the weirdest dinosaurs in the world because it looks like rat a giant rat and its body covered with fur.

21. The maximum of Jurassic Park movies was inspired by this dinosaur called Velociraptor.

22. The meaning of Velociraptor – speedy thief.

23. T-rex bite is soo powerful. Its bite power is more than twice the bite power of a lion.

24. most dinosaurs had long tails. It helps them to balance while running or walking.

25. No one knows how much time a dinosaur can live. Some scientists say that some of the dinosaurs can live more than 200 years.

26. Another interesting fact about dinosaurs. The size of the largest egg of Dinosaur is equal to the size of a basketball.

27. The name of the smallest dinosaur skeleton is baby Mussaurus.

28. Plant eating dinosaur had eyes on two sides so that they can see danger when they eating.

29. most of the meat-eater dinosaur walk on two feet.

30. Dinosaur who lived near waterside like a river, lakes, pond, etc had left good fossils.

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