36 top Interesting funny cats facts

We know that cat is an interesting animal also an interesting pet. We also love our cat so much.

 But there is something interesting in our cats that makes it unique compared to other pets.

 So You going to know about these interesting facts, their behavior facts, their health facts that blow your mind and you also learn something interesting about your cat.

Interesting, funny, and amazing facts about cats:

1. There are more than 45 types of cats breed exists:

Cat fanciers association or CFA recognizes that cat has 45 types of breed present and according to Federation international feline or FIFe, there are 51 types of breeds of cats are present.

2. Sir Isaac Newton accidentally invented pet doors:

Newton had cats and kittens. When the door was closed, these cats and kittens would always scratch the door to get in and out of the house, which was annoying for Newton.

For that reason, he made a small hole for the kittens and a big hole for the big cats so that they could easily go indoors or out. This is how the pet door was invented. interesting facts right.

3. Facts about the oldest cat in the world:

The oldest cat in the world is ‘creme puff’ who was 38 years and 3 days old when he was dead.

The owner of this cat is jake perry. Jack perry also holds the previous world record of the oldest cat in the world.

4.facts that cats live their 70% of the day sleeping:

Cat lives most of the day sleeping and other time grooming. They sleep 13-16 hours a day. That’s why people call the lazy cat.

they are crepuscular means they mostly active during dawn and the dusk.

5. Cats cannot detect sweetness:

In different research shows that cats have a lack of sweet receptor which make them sweet blind.

6. The fact why Cat is smarter than dogs:

The cerebral cortex of cats contains two times more neurons than dogs. Cats have 300 million neurons and dogs have near about 160 million.

This is the reason why cats are smart and the dogs are stupid.

7. Cats can deactivate easily

Yes, this is right you deactivate a cat with a trick. This trick uses especially by doctors so that they can easily examine cats. But doing this for wrong maybe a little harmful.

In their neck, there is a point where if you pinch this point and holding it, the cat will be deactivated until you release it.

8. A cat can swim like a dog.

9. Cat has an ability that cat can jump 6-time of their length.

10. Cat’s DNA is 95% the same as the tiger’s DNA. The common behavior of both cats and tigers is urine marking, scent-marking, prey play, etc.

11. Cats can rotate their ear 180 degrees. Which helps them to detect or track small prey near them.

12. humans have 206 bones but cats have 230 bones, Wired facts right.

13. Cats have a tongue that is rough that can lick any small shred of meat from the bone and make the bone totally clean.

14. cats have the eyes which is the biggest relative to their head size as compared to other mammals.

15. Female cats can be pregnant at 4 months old age.

16. A Cat’s Meowing is actually cat developed only for communicating with people.

17. When a cat hits with their retracted claws, it does not mean that it wants to hurt you actually, they play with you.

18.  Dogs have 10 vocalizations but cats have near about a hundred vocalizations.

19.  When a cat makes their tail as question marked symbol it means that it actually asking you to play with them’.

20. Don’t make to much noise around them because high frequency creates anxiety, stress, etc which is not good for their health. 

21. When cat juping or walking along a narrow ledge, their long tail helps them to balance.

22. The walking style of cats is similar to camels or giraffes.

23. Cats can hear sound range from 46Hz to 85kHz frequency sound.

24. They hate sounds of an Ambulance siren, hairdryer sound, your mobile ringtone, etc which are high frequency.

25. For maintaining weight male cat ned only a few calories.

26. Cat’s grooming process helps cats to stimulate the blood to their skin. It also helps them to relax, controlling body temperature.

27. Cats marks their owner as their own territory.

28. Cat’s hate low temperatures. Cats like temperature more than 20 degrees.

29. Most of the modern domestic cats breed come from middle east or Asian countries.

30. Cats totally hate water.

31. Cats always like to drink fresh clean water. If your cat does not drink enough water than they can get a urinary infection.

32. You may see lots of surprising videos that cat scare of cucumbers. Actually, they think it is a snake. So this kind of surprising thing looks funny but it creates anxiety and stress. 

Interesting Facts about handling a cat.

33. Another interesting fact about cats is if you want to relax a cat just squish them gently or you want to have a cat can’t run off for a moment, just squish him. In this way, the cats feel secure.

34. So you want to pick up or lift your cat. So how you can do it safely. So picking up cat first you have do is one hand under the chest and another hand the abdomen and then you can lift the cat and also make sure they are not hanging down. In this way, the cat feels so comfortable.

Facts about some meme cats:

35. You may see this meme about this cat is crying. Actually, the cat is not crying. 

The cats actually photoshopped which makes the crying. On the internet, the cat is known as a serious cat. The picture owner is not found yet.

36. You may also see this famous cat meme that a woman yelling at a cat. Actually, the women are Taylor Armstrong who is an actress. And the picture was taken from the episode of the real housewives of Beverly hills.

 And the second part of the meme which is a photograph in Tumblr of a user ‘deathbeforedeath‘. 

And the name of the cat is Smudge and interesting facts is that you can follow this cat on Instagram.

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