33 Secrect Blowed Interesting facts about william shakespeare

William Shakespeare is an English poet, playwriter, and also an actor who is also regarded as the greatest writer in the English language.

There are lots of facts about William Shakespeare and when you know this you will be in shock.

1. In English words, he invents 3000 new words which we use in daily life like Manager, lonely, elbow, eyeball, addiction, etc.

2. He invents a total of 30000 plus words in the English language.

3. William Shakespeare’s date of birth is a mystery. It was said that he was baptized on 26 April 1564. 

So it was thought that his birthday maybe 23 April.
4. One of the mysterious facts about Shakespeare that he was dead on 23 April, the date when he was born.

5. Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway who is 8 years older than Shakespeare.

6. When Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway, she was 3 months pregnant and after 6 months she births their first child.

7. When Shakespeare married he was 18 and Anne was 26 wired facts right.

8.william Shakespeare was a popular poet and actor in that so he writes 37 plays and 154 sonnets.

9. Shakespeare’s famous plays are Hamlet, Othello, McBeth,  and Romeo and Juliet.

10. Shakespeare’s smallest play is a comedy of errors that consist of 1770 lines. 

Another important thing is that lots of Shakespeare were lost.

11. There are interesting facts about Shakespeare is that he has a dual personality. 

In London Shakespeare was a famous dramatist and in his hometown, he was a businessman, property dealer.

12. Shakespeare was a good actor and also he acts lots of his play and other competitor’s play also.

13. Shakespeare’s theatre name was globe theatre

Globe theatre was known for its special effects like actor flying using rope, smoke, and also fire shot from cannon.

14. In 1613, due to a cannon shot, his theatre got fire and burn everything and turn into ashes.

15. Globe theatre remade in 1614 and 1997.

16. In the past time when the writer had not enough money, Shakspeare was a rich businessman

So when he died, he left a present for his family and friends.

17. He left the highest property for his older daughter.

18. Judith was the younger daughter of Shakespeare. She got married 2 months before Shakespeare’s death. 

After her marriage, there was news that her husband has a busted child.

For this news, Shakespeare’s family got insulted lots of times.

For this reason, Shakespeare not left any property for Judith.

he only left 150 ponds of money for Judith. In that time 150 ponds was a big amount.

19. Interesting facts of Shakespeare will’s is that Shakespeare wants to give to his wife Anne his 2nd best bed

Expert says that it was a beloved gift to his wife because his children were born and where he going to die.

20. Shakespeare never published any plays when he was alive.

21. After his death, his friend actors published all his 36 plays in the name of “the first folio”.

22. In past days, Shakespeare’s name has lots of spelling mistakes.
                      WM Shaspe
                      Willm Shakspere
All the signature of Shakespeare was written in different spelling.

Interesting facts are that today what we know about the spelling of  “William Shakespeare “, Shakespeare himself never writes or signature it.

23. In all Shakespeare plays, a minimum of 200 times dogs and 600 times birds were mentioned.

24. In 1890 American man Eugene Schieffelin releases 100 starlings to America from Europe. 

He does this because he wants, all the bird’s species mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays to be found in America.

25. Now in 2019 from this 100 starling turn to 20 crore starlings. 

For this reason, America’s some local bird species going to extinct.

26. In that time of Shakspeare, there was no camera, only hand made portrait was there. there are lots of portraits of Shakespeare is exist. 

From them, the below portrait is that only portrait which is made when Shakespeare was alive.

27. Shakespeare writes a curse in the form of a poem on his grave in church holy trinity in Stratford.

Good friend for Jesus sake forbear,
To dig the dust enclosed here.
Blessed be the man that spares these stones,
and cursed be he that moves my bones.

28. In that past time, Shakespeare basically writes on day time. 

Because the candles were so costly at that time and there was no electricity.

29. Shakespeare’s family timeline goes up to 1670

Right now there was no successor of Shakespeare.

30. In Shakespeare’s time, there was lots of piracy happened.

 Lots of plays were stolen and make lots of money from it.

31. To preventing piracy, the actor got their dialog lines during running play by whispering from behind the stage.

32. In Shakespeare’s life, he was missing for some years that people don’t know. He first time missing from 1578-82 and the second time missing from 1585-92.

 The 11 missing years of Shakespeare are  “the lost years”.

33. Do you know that in that past time, no women or girls can go or work in theatre?

 So for this reason, the roles of women characters in plays were done by men by dressing as women. Going to the theatre for women was so risky.

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