101 Random interesting facts with pictures

Random facts that will you speechless:

Our worlds are so unique and wonderful. Its also consists of lots of thing and facts that we don’t no so much. Form a thousand facts, I am going to explain some of the random facts that make you speechless and also make you a little smarter than others.

1. The smallest country in the world:

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world. Its area is about 0.2 square miles. 

The interesting fact about this country is that the population of this country is between 850-900.

This country’s border is maintained and locked by Italy. 

2. King of building nest:

Baya weaver which found in the Philippines. 

The facts about this bird are that this bird loves to stay at the light and also build their nest so great that it will capture your attention.

And for this reason, they weave fireflies into their nest so that it glows at night.

3. Cockroaches have remained unchanged:

From all types of insects, cockroaches are known as indestructible. 

Another fact of cockroaches is that they developed resistance in their body that saved them from the tuff environment.

For that reason, they have remained unchanged for about 250, 000, 000 years on the earth.

4. Male mosquitoes do not bite:

Male mosquitoes do not bite because they do not need protein to develop their eggs.

They need carbohydrates that they find in the nectar of flowers and any other source of sugar.

Now the fact is female mosquitoes need blood because they need protein to develop their eggs.

5. Fact about the first atomic bomb:

The size of the first atomic bomb was 7.6 cm which is packed in a tube. 

The name of the bomb was “little boy” and dropped on 9 Aug 1945 at 5:29:45.

The fact is that the force of the bomb was 13 kiloton and the effect is the same as the effect of 20,000 kilotons of TNT.

6. Rats can survive without water longer than camels:

For life, water is an essential thing. It helps to digest food and helps to rid of toxins from the body.

For controlling our body temperature, water is necessary.

Do you know these facts that, a mouse can survive long without drink water?

The fact is that they can live 2 – 4 days without food. The needs of water are solved by the food they take or they consume.

7. The most cultivated fruit:

The most cultivated fruit in the world is banana and the second is watermelon and the third apple.

8. Most famous celebrity in between 1920 to 1930:

In the year between 1920 to 1930, Charlie Chaplin was the most famous man in the world.

Another interesting fact is that when a day visits on his native London, the motion picture comedian man received 73000 laters in just two days.

9. chocolate flavor butterfly: 

Archaeoprepond Demophone is a butterfly that looks like chocolate and smells like chocolate.

This butterfly only found in Brazil.

10. The smallest Fish Facts:

The dwarf pygmy goby or Philippine goby ( Pandaka Pygmaea ) which found mainly in South Asia.

Which known as the smallest fish in the world.

The length of male fish reaches up to 0.9 cm and female fish length reaches up to 1.5 cm.

And the average weight of this fish is 4 milligrams.

11. Fireflies jewelry:

The man travels deep into tropical forest and collect fireflies and stored it into lanterns.

And the interesting facts is that women in Cuba and other tropical countries, they collect fireflies and then pin and weave it to their gowns or hang around their necks or make a neckless and wear it as decoration.

So it makes the girls or women so beautiful.

12. Neutron Bomb nuclear bomb facts:

The neutron bomb is a type of nuclear bomb that kills people by its radiation.

Its physical blast power is low but radiation is high.

Its radiation’s power is so high that it can penetrate armored vehicles.

Its radiation can be reduced or intact if you leave behind buildings or other similar things.

13. Facts about Plasma:

Plasma is a gas in which there are no molecules and atoms and contains only ions and electrons. [physics theory of plasma ].

Plasma is the yellow color component of blood that holds the blood cells and carries protein cells through the whole body.[ Biology theory of plasma ].

14. Human eye blink count: 

We blink our eyes every six seconds average.

We blink our eyes 250 million times in our whole life.

Blinking keeps our eyes wet and clean. If you increase your blink number it helps eye power sustain long.

15. A dwarf captain:

Jeffery Hudson was a dwarf.

He was 18 inches high and he served as a captain in the British army.

He was also famous for queens dwarf and lord minimus.

16. Girls tend to sleep more soundly:

In study shows that a maximum of girls sleeps soundly then boys.

17. The rarest disease in the world facts:

The rarest disease in the world is Kuru or also called laughing sickness.

This disease affects only the people who are cannibals means who eat human meats.

It is a disease of the nervous system.

If these occur, death is coming near.

This disease was found in new guinea.

And this was believed that this disease will if you eat human brains. This is really a wired fact.

18. Power of strand hair rope:

Hair is a type of protein filament and which grows from follicles in the dermic.

Our hair is strong that if we made a rope with strands of long hair then it could be strong enough that we can lift a car.

19. Hitchhiker suckerfish random facts.

suckerfish also knew as remora fish which grow up to 25 – 110 cm long.

This fish developed their upper fin into some kind of suction pad on the top of their heads.

The attached themselves by means it sucks to any passing turtle or shark or any large fish for getting a free ride and hope of sharing food at the end of the journey.

20. facts about the hottest place on earth:

Dallol from Ethiopia is the hottest place on earth.

The average temperature of dallol is about 35 degrees Celcius.

This is actually a village which also as described as a ghost town.

21. Busiest airport facts:

You would be thought that John F. Kennedy International airport is the busiest airport in the world.

Most of the people think to also.

But the busiest airport in the world is the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport, Atlanta.

The movement of people in this airport every year is near about 950, 119.

22. Random facts about the brain:

When you re 15 years, your brain will stop growing in size.

23. If the liver stops working:

If your liver ever stops working, you will die within 7 to 24 hours.

24. more men color blind than women:

Colorblind often happens when someone can not distinguish between certain colors.

This happens mainly between greens and red colors and blue.

But no one knows why are man more color blind than women.

From 200 man 8 men are color blinded.

From 2000 women 1 woman are color blinded.

25. Dream in sleep:

During an eight-hour sleep, most people have 3 to 4 dreams.

Most of the dreams are lasting fro 10 to 30 minutes and they are in colors.

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