100 unique facts about left handed people interesting facts

In this world, there are few people out there who are left-handed or lefties. Means most of their work is done by their left hand. In this article,  you going to learn amazing and interesting facts about left-handed peoples.

Facts about Left-handed or lefties people:

1. Do you know that 10 percent of the world’s population is left-handed?

And scientist does not know why left-handed people are rare.

2. Some people born with left-handed and later in their life, they switch to right-handed.

3. Every Year on August 13 is known as international left-hander day for celebrating the differences and uniqueness of the left-handed people.

4. Famous left-handed people are Justin Bieber, Bill gate, Angelina Jolie.

5. Some pet dogs may be left-handed that you don’t know.

6. Left-handed peoples suffer allergies more than 11 times than right-handed people.

7. One interesting fact is that left-handed people use the right side of their brain. Actually, their right-hand side of their brain more active than then their left-hand side brain.

8. Most of the left-handed are highly intelligent and also have a higher IQ.

9. Maximum of tribe people in India as well as some Asians are left-handed.

10. Studies show that lefties people have a better sex life then righties. 

11. All the recent presidents in the USA are lefties like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Gerald Ford.

12. Writing for lefties people is a little bit of struggle.

13. One of the interesting facts about left-handed people is that left-handed people can easily hear slowly changing sounds better than right-handed people.

14. lefties people are more creative in different artistic fields like painting, clay arts, etc.

15. Left-handed people could be easily embarrassed.

16. People who are left-handed are at risk of different mental or psychotic problems like schizophrenia.

17. Most of the left-handed people are Alcoholic but not every left-handed people.

18. In some places in the world, using the left hand is considered a bad thing. Some people also think is that people who use the left hand are bad people.

19. Most of the tools that we use in our daily life are made for right-handed people. for that reason using these types of a tool is difficult for left-handed people.

20. left-handed people are good at playing tennis, boxing, etc.

21. Left-handed people are a little bit sensitive than right-handed people.

22. left-handed people are a little bit faster in different working.

23. lefty people can recover fast from stroke problems.

24. left-handed peoples are also good at income and spending money better than right-handed people.

25. Some school or college’s benches create difficulties for left-handed because it designed for the right-handed students.

26. Writing in spiral binding is a little bit difficult for lefty peoples.

27. using scissors is also problems for lefty peoples,

28. In general offices, the computer mouse is on the right-hand side which is sometimes problems for lefty peoples. 

29. Playing guitar by left-handed people is a tough thing.

30. handshaking is a confusing thing for lefty peoples.

31. typing on a touch screen mobile or iPad or tablet is a little bit tough.

32. Using a swipe machine is also a problem for lefty peoples.

33. Writing using an ink pen for left-handed people is also a tough thing.

34. A hand clashing may happen during lunch or dinner if your left side person is right-handed.

35. The people who can use both hands is called cross-wired.

36. people think left-handed people are abnormal because they use the left hand. But using the left hand is as normal as the left hand, there is no such difference.

37. A child is left-handed or right-handed, it is fixed when the child was in the mother’s belly during pregnancy.

38. Left-handed people become left-handed because of a gene called the lefty gene. Research going on these things.

39. When a kid follows his or her favorite person can turn left-handed people. For Example, when a kid follows a batsman who is left-handed and tries to follow him and wants to bat like him can make the kid left-handed.

40. left-handed is good at music.

41. Left-handed peoples are good at different logical works.

42. Left-handed peoples are good at math.

43. They are Timid.

44. They may face Post Traumatic stress disorder.

45. Risk of breast cancer for left-handed people (Women).

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