100 Iconic psychological facts

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Psychological facts are those facts which are related to human mind thinking and their different mind function.

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In this article, you going to know about some interesting, amazing psychological facts.

Walking increases brain activity:

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During walking foot impact sends some kind of pressure waves to the brain which helps to increase blood supply to the brain.

Intelligent people love to stay alone: 

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Intelligent people love to stay alone because of the great sense of self. They always take less care of other people’s opinions.

Love relationship makes people less productive:

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Actually, it affects the ability of a person and their ability to perform different tasks and activities.
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The brain uses less amount of resources. If your brain totally and excessively thinking about love, it will be unable to focus on other activities.

The average person has 3 secrets they never shared:

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Some people have lots of secret and some people has less. But an average person has a minimum of 3 secrets in their life which they never share.

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the common secrets are
  • A big lie or financial impropriety.
  • A violation of trust
  • Theft
  • Secret relationship
  • Discontent at work.

The color yellow will help you to stay focus:

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Being surrounded by yellow color will help you to stay focused.

Yellow color helps to reduce the production of a hormone called melatonin which makes you sleep.

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So I recommended you color your study room or workroom yellow.

This is an amazing psychological fact about the color yellow.

Walking through the doorway cause memory lapses:

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The research from the University of Norte Dame psychology professor Gabrial Radvansky said that passing through a doorway causes memory lapse.

Entering a doorway or exiting in a doorway actually serves as an event boundary in our mind. 

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When you change your room from another some of your files removed because of what happened in the old room is less important when you change your place. 

A good relationship psychological facts:

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A good relationship is with someone who knows all yours imperfections and insecurity but still with you, still loves you who you are.

5 seconds of meeting someone psychological facts:

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Within 5 seconds of meeting someone, you make an impression based on the following order.
  1. Look.
  2. How you sound.
  3. What you say.

Attractive thing psychological facts:

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Smiling is 69% more attractive things than wearing makeup. 

Fitness is a nuclear weapon for men.

Telling lie psychological facts:

On average, women tell 11 lies a week and men tell 58 lies a week.

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Sternberg’s love theory:

In a relationship, there are three main ingredients
  1. Commitment.
  2. Intimacy.
  3. Passion.

People who stay busy:

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People who stay busy even small and pointless activity stay happier than others who do not.

Take care of yourself matters :

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Studies show that how you take care of yourself is a matter most in terms of attraction rather than your look.

Happiness is infectious psychological facts:

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Peoples who spend more time in the sun are likely to be happier than others.

And happy people fall in love more.

Because happiness is a kind of infectious for them.

Asking for advice to influence other psychological facts:

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Asking for advice is a powerful way to influence others and warm them to you.

Asking and giving advice is the main part of effective leadership and decision making.

How to detect someone’s motive in a relationship:

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If you are going to a relationship or you going to attached someone or going to marry someone, you need to wait for at least 4-6 months.

In this time, that person’s true motives are revealed. You going to reveal all the true motives, intentions of that person.

Valuable people psychology facts:

respect the people who find time to see you from their valuable schedule.

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Love that person who never cares about their schedule when you need them.

Men’s and Women’s interest in interest psychological fact:

Men tend to overestimate women’s interest in them and women underestimate men’s interest.

Common two belives of successful people:

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every successful people have begun with their two common believes:

1. The future will be better than the present.

2. And I have the power to make it happen.

Virginity psychological facts:

People who lose their virginity at the older age of 19 have a 
  1. Good higher income.
  2. Higher education.
  3. And a good healthy relationship
In their life compared to others who lose their virginity earlier before 19.

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We change in every 10 years:

Every 10 years, you become a new person.

Our desire, needs, wants change every 10 years.

Increase your concentration power :

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listening to songs with lyrics can distract you from your work.

studies show that if you listen to songs with no lyrics no vocals with less beat can increase your concentration power.

Same taste of music psychological fact:

A study published by ‘communication research’ said that people attracted to the people who have the same taste of music.

But it does not the same for all genders in terms of attraction.

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Some women not to much affected the taste of man about music.

But most men strongly attracted to women who have the same taste in music.

Listening something psychological facts:

When you talk you actually repeating something that you know already.

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but when you listen to something you may learn something.

Laughter is great exercise psychological fact:

Laughter is a great exercise that can help you to relieve stress, depression, anxiety, and the reduction of cancer.

That’s the reason why Sense of humor is attractive and healthy.

A dog can see sadness:

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Dogs can see the sadness in human

They try to make happy their master by playing, touching, or by cuddling with them.

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Some psychological facts about boys:

  1. Boys feel uncomfortable when their girlfriend flirt with other boys.
  2. boys fall in love with girls with at first if the girls are cute and coy.
  3. Boys are serious about their commitment.
  4. Boys try to extremely competitive.
  5. Boys think they are powerful.
  6. boys are more emotional than girls. Heartbreaks affect boys more than girls.
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Some psychological facts about girls:

  1. Girls hate boys who do gossip.
  2. Girls like to talk about anything.
  3. Some girl’s moods change suddenly.
  4. Girls are physically week but mentally strong.
  5. Alcohol is dangerous for women. The resistance capability of women from alcohol low compared to men.
  6. Women can read better facial expressions better than men. For that reason, women have good conversation skills and make them good social leaders.
  7. Girls like boys who are smart.
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